How to connect your HD-TV to your PC

Nowadays everybody downloads movies off the internet and watch them on their computers, but now with the new HD quality movies dont you wish that you could watch them on your big HD Television ? This small guide will help you connect your personal computer to a  HD television on Windows 7. A couple things you`ll need are:

* Good quality HD Cable. Search in Google Now
* A Graphic Card with a HD output. Search in Google Now

Step 1:  Right Click on your desktop and select Screen Resulution.

Step 2:  Make a selection from the dropdown menu.
Step 3: Click the OK Button.

Note:  Both audio and video signals goes thru the HD cable. Sometimes however you will not hear the sound on the TV. Make sure you have installed the correct and full drivers for your graphic card.

Recommend: Buy a remote control for your computer so that you dont have to stand up every time from your cosy chair