How to download anything via the Internet – A beginners guide to using Torrent.

WARNING: Downloading copyrighted material ( movies, software, games and more) is illegal. I encourage all my readers to purchase all products that they are interested in. (tangible or intangible)

This topic might seem awkward to some people since downloading via torrents nowadays is such a popular topic. However, believe me, some people are still unaware of how actually to accomplish this task. This guide will show you how you can easily download almost anything off the internet.

The first thing that you will need is a torrent client. There are plenty of programs available out there like uTorrent, BitComet and Azureus, but the one that I`ll be using as an example will be BitComet. Although, after you know how to download torrents I encourage you to explore your options and see which torrent software best fit your needs. I`ll be also using FireFox as a web browser, but I`ll point out the essential differences between Internet Explore and FireFox.

1. Downloading BitComet.

1st. Open up your browser (either FireFox or Internet Explorer)
2nd. Go to and click on the “Free Download” button

3th. A new Window will pop-up asking you if you want to Save It or Open it directly. Select “Save File” and click OK.

3b. Internet Explorer users click the “Save” button. A new Windows will be pop-up asking you where you want to save you file to. To proceed just click the “Save” button on this new Window.



4th. When finished you will see that a Download Window appears. This window shows your download history. Double click on the BitComet_X.XX_setup.exe file (where X represents the BitComet version). On Windows 7 the “User Account Control” screen will pop-up. Click on “Yes” to proceed.

4b. When the Download is finished for Internet Explorer users click the “Run” button. On Windows 7 the “User Account Control” screen will pop-up. Click on “Yes” to proceed.



5th. By now you should see the BitComet Installation screen. The first thing that it will ask you is to select a language. Default is English, if not, select English from the dropdown menu and click the “OK” button. Next, you`ll see a “Welcome to the BitComet X.XX Setup” message. Click the “Next” button at the bottom of the screen. Now you`ll see the License Agreement and the Privacy Policy screens. Click “I Agree” on both to proceed with the installation. On the next screen “Chose Component” change nothing and just click once again on the “Next” button. Here you`ll see the “Choose Install Location” screen. If you want to change the installation folder you can do that here, otherwise just click the “Next Button”.
BitComet-Setuo-Language BitComet-Setup-Welcome
BitComet-Setup-License BitComet-Setup-Privacy-Policy
BitComet-Setup-Install Location BitComet-Setup-Support Us

6th. You`ll now see a progress bar. This indicates the progress of the installation process. You should wait until this is finished. You`ll know that it is finished when you see the “Support Us” screen. Usually I deselect both option “Select as your default page” and “Install MPCStar – Play all your movies and music!” and click next, but this is up to you.

7th. On the next screen make sure that both “Run BitComet X.XX” and “Start BitComet when starting windows” are selected and click the “Finish” button.

8th. Congratulations!. You have successfully installed BitComet.

2 Finding and download the torrent file.

1st. Open your browser and go to . is a site which automatically searches all torrent sites on the internet. It is basically like Google, but for torrents.

2nd. I will assume that you want to download the movie “Iron Man 2”. Go to the window where you have opened and write in the text field Iron Man 2 and click the “Search” button.

3th. You will see now a list full with different links, which all say something similar to this “Iron Man 2 1080p BluRay x264 acc HDSCENE”. Anything written after the title of the movie usually states the source of the rip. 1080p states that this version comes from a HD 1080p Bluray disc. However, those files are usually large and it will take a long time to download. Choose a link which is less than 1500 MB and has more than 150 Seeders. See picture below.

4th. After you click on the link you`ll be redirected to a page from which you can choose a source from where to download your files. 9/10 Times The Pirate Bay is the first thing on the list. Click on and you`ll be redirected once again to the download page of the torrent.
(if the pirate bay is not available then choose the first option after the two Sponsored Links at the top.)

5th. On the download page of thepiratebay you can read more about the torrent in question. Do not click on the BIG button Download cause this is an advertisement. Just under the big button you will see a small green link “Download This Torrent”. Click on it instead.

6th. Now you should see a pop-up window which is similar to the BitComet screen, remember? Instead of selecting “Save File” select “Open With”. It will say Open With – Bit Comet – A bit torrent client (default). Click on “OK” and BitComet should pop-up with another screen.

7th. Click the button “Download Now” and BitComet will start to download your torrent.

8th. See the picture below. I`ve indicated some of the basic interface features of BitComet.

3. Additional Information

3.1 – What are Seeder and Leechers

Seeders are people who have already downloaded the file and are sharing the file with you.

Leeches are people who are in the process of download the files. They are sharing the bits and pieces that they already have with you.

When you start to download a torrent file you`ll be a leecher. When you are one hundred percent finished with downloading the file you`ll automatically become a Seeder.

The more seeders a torrent had the faster it will download.

3.2. What is a torrent file?

Now that you`ve installed a torrent downloading software (BitComet) you are ready to go and search for a torrent file. A torrent file is basically nothing more than a file which encapsulates your download. The torrent file basically informs your torrent software from where to download the files you want to download.