Windows 7: How to recover deleted files on your computer.

Whenever you write a file on your hard disk a certain amount of space is being consumed. This space consists of hard disk sectors. As long as you don’t overwrite those sectors with new data your files can be restore by using Data Recovery software. There are many programs out there which are designed to do just that.

What not to do when you realize that you`ve accidentally deleted your files.
- Do not perform a System Restore.
- Do not copy or paste anything.
- Do not perform any operations which requires the extensive use of your hard-disk.
- If Possible: If Windows is on your hard-disk remove it and use another computer/laptop to recover the files. You can connect it either internally or externally via eSATA, USB, or FireWire.  

Free Data Recovery Software:

1.Recuva – Homepage -
Reviewed by: PC World
"If you just want a good un-delete program with a small disk footprint (and no financial cost), then Recuva is what you're looking for... the interface is the very model of restrained style and efficiency."

Read the full review at:,67538/description.html

2. PC Inspector – Homepage -
Reviewed by: PC World
“File recovery programs come in many different flavors. They run the gamut from simple undelete programs that work only under optimal circumstances within Windows up to heavy-duty sector-by-sector scanners that can piece back together files sans file table or partition info.”

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