How to play Oni on Windows 7/8

Some of you may remember Oni – The Game. I know I do. I remember when I was 12 years old playing Oni on Windows ME, or was it Windows XP already?. Don’t remember clearly.

Well, for the sake of nostalgia I decided to find the old disc and Install it on my Windows 8 machine. Of course I did not expect it to run at all since it is such an old game, and surely after the installation; it crashed! The error that I got was “Oni.exe has stopped working” and it threw me out and back to my desktop. 

I usually take screenshots of errors, but this time I forgot.

So I searched online for a fix and found something called; Oni: Anniversary edition which fixed my issue and now Oni runs perfectly on Windows 8.

Apparently this version is a patched version of the Oni Vanilla Version. (The term they use in the link above) It means original and unmodified version of Oni.

To install the anniversary edition just download the compressed zip file from the link above, extract it to your Oni installation directory and run the file; Edition\install\AEInstaller.exe. 

There is also a couple cool mods. The ones available right now are; HD menus and mission screen and HD textures for Chapter 0 – TCTF Training. They make the game so much better looking. I highly recommend you test them out.

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