How to ensure Windows generates thumbnails for all your video files

 If you are frustrated about Windows being unable to generate thumbnails for all your videos, you need not worry anymore for here are some solutions for your OS to generate thumbnails for those .FLV and .MP4 and .MKV files:

1) Method 1
 K-lite codec (installation)

 If you are using K-lite codec pack, and it doesn’t generate thumbnails for each video on your hard drive, you need not worry – download the latest version from here. I usually use K-lite MEGA with the following option (Lots of stuff (without player). You click “ADVANCED INSTALL” specify install path and after the installation you will be prompted to choose which files to associate with native players available (Windows Media Player). Finally, a window appears in which you can choose which files do you want to generate thumbnails for (select all). This ought to solve the problem in most cases. If this doesn’t solve your problem, consider Method 2

2) Method 2
 Media preview (freeware software)

  An easy solution to this problem is a freeware program called Media preview. It’s very simple to use, and is available for both in 32x and 64x OS. The installation takes less than a minute, after which you select which type of files you want Windows to generate thumbnails for and simply click “Apply”. If for any reason you are not happy with the results, you can revert back to the old settings.

-->  (Media Preview 64) (Media Preview 32)

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