How to prevent any software from connecting to the internet on Windows 8.

This article is a continuation of my old one that is for Windows 7 machines. This one I have written for those people that are using the new Windows 8 operation system. Although there are not that many differences in the method between the two operation systems I am going to write a complete new article specifically for Windows 8 users. If you are on a Win7 computer, CLICK HERE to read the Win7 specific one.

At the end of this article you will see screenshots that hopefully will guide you better in a visual way.
Here is a step-by-step guide on how to block any software from accessing the internet using you standard Windows firewall

Step1: While in Desktop mode point your mouse to the top-right corner of you screen until the windows menu pops out.

Step2: At the bottom of that menu you will see the settings button; click it.

Step3: Now click the Control Panel button which should be located on top.

Step4: Change the “View by” to Large Icons and go all the way down almost to the last icon you will see Windows Firewall;  click it to open it. If you are using the “View by Category” setting, then you will need to click on Network and Internet -> System and Security and then Windows Firewall to open the firewall settings.

Step5: On the new Windows Firewall window click the Advanced Setting button (on the left)

Step6: Select the Outbound Rules and follow the instructions on screen. You will need to choose the path of the program you want to block from accessing the internet, you`ll need to give the rule a name and a couple other simple settings.

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