Why and how to defragment your hard disk.

Defragmentation is a process that makes your Windows run fast. Imagine you have a house and every time you purchase something new you put it in the living room. You put everything in the living room; food, TV, furniture, toilet paper, tools and plates. Defragmentation sorts all your belonging out so that when you need to cook yourself a meal (for example) all the necessary items are in the kitchen (on one place). Therefore when you run a program (or Windows) it will run faster because all of the files necessary are next to each other.


How to defragment on Windows 7?
Usually the defragmentation process is handled automatically on Windows 7. It happens weakly. If you need to access the schedule that runs defragmentation just go to your Computer and right click on one of your Hard Disks and select Properties. Once you see the Properties go to Tools and select Optimize/Defragment. There you can change how often Windows defragment your Hard Disk.

How to defragment on Windows 8?
Computer -> Right click on Hard Drive -> Select Properties -> Select Tools from the menu -> Click the Optimize button. 

To change how often Defragmentation runs click under Schedule Optimization the change settings button. There you can turn the whole process on or off. Change how often it runs and choose which hard disks are to be defragmented. 

Shall I defragment my computer if I have a SSD Drive?
The new solid state drive hard drives do not require defragmentation. In fact, if Windows 7/8 detects that you have a SSD defragmentation will be turned off automatically.  The reason that SSD drives do not require defragmentation is because they automatically place the data evenly on all chips. Those chips have a limit on how many times you can erase and write new data on them. Defragmentation is a write intensive process and the only “advantage” that you will achieve by defragmenting your SSD is that you will reach your chip limit quicker. Don’t worry though if you have defragmented your SSD. You will not damage it. It is just pointless.