Fix Counter Strike 1.6 for Windows 7 and 8

I used to play Counter Strike 1.6 and I still play every now and then but the Counter Strike Global Offense version. Those of you who want to play the classical version of CS (Counter Strike 1.6), here are a couple things you can try to fix Counter Strike 1.6 and run the game under Windows 7/8 computers.

1. Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I choose. 

To fix counter strike 1.6 the first thing that I would recommend to is to Turn on DEP. To do this you will need to go to Windows Explorer > Computer > Right Click on an empty spot > Select Properties from the menu, then follow the instructions on the image below to find out how to Turn on DEP. You`ll need to click the add button and find and select hl.exe. Once you have done that, press the Open button, then click on the OK button and close all open Windows. Run Counter Strike 1.6 and see if this has fixed your problem.

fix counter strike 1.6

2. Fix Counter Strike 1.6 by reinstalling your graphic card drivers.

This is one of the most common solutions that game companies suggest you try before they are willing to do anything else and help you further. Game companies know what they are doing so I guess this is worth trying to fix Counter Strike 1.6, right? It is the number one solution in the self-help Troubleshooting manuals. Why you ask? Because it works! Outdated drivers may be unstable, buggy and not compatible with newer games you are trying to run. Updated drivers deliver better functionality and optimized performance. Especially if you have a newer model graphic card since those drivers are brand new it can take some time before they are fully optimized and bug free.
If you don’t know how to update your graphic card drivers, then visit: How can I update my computer's graphics driver for more information.

3. Compatibility mode 

Why not fix Counter Strike 1.6 with compatibility mode. If all of the above doesn’t fix your counter strike 1.6 game, then you might try to run the game in Compatibility mode. This mode allows you to emulate the settings of another operational system. This might help if the game was working on Windows XP but not on Windows 7 or 8 computers. To go to compatibility mode, you`ll need to locate you Counter Strike 1.6 desktop icon and click on Properties. In the top menu select Compatibility Mode and select Windows XP Service Pack 2 and then press the OK button. Try running the game now and see if it works

fix counter strikr 1.6

If all of the above did not provide a solution to fix Counter Strike 1.6, then you might want to try the solution I have for Scarface The World Is Yours PC Game. You`ll need to setup windows in a way that it only uses one core of your CPU. Don’t worry, its not difficult. The only thing you`ll need to remember is to revert the settings once you`ve finished playing Counter Strike 1.6 otherwise you`ll be running all applications you have with one core.

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