Freeware alternatives to paid software

I have discovered something today. I have been paying for software that has too many functionality that I don’t really use. Can you guys what I am thinking right now? I am thinking whether there is any freeware software that I can use to replace my current paid software. If you are an average computer guy, then you too are probably paying for software features that you don’t use. Benefit from my Top 5 List of Freeware Software you can use and safe some cash doing it. 


With Dropbox you get up to 16GB of file storage for free. You get many useful features for free like history of deleted files so that you can restore a file if you accidentally deleted it. It saved my hard work once because I was working on this project with my team and a person from my team member accidentally deleted it. I was sooooooo glad to when found out that you can restore previously deleted files. FOR FREE!

Dropbox adds a folder to your Windows Explore allowing you to Copy & Paste files just like you would in any other folder. It is the simplicity that I like about this application. No fancy functions that you don’t need.

If you need more space there is the possibility to upgrade to a paid subscription for $9.99 that gives you 100GB of space for your pictures, videos and document. However, I find it that my 16GB FREE is sufficient for most users.

2.      Freeware Antivirus

There are many free antivirus packages out there but from personal experience I can say that they are limited in necessary functionality like Identity Protection and Firewall. Nowadays, one of the most important things when you are using the internet is that you keep your computer free from viruses and malware, especially if you are shopping online and managing your bank accounts online. You wouldn’t want hackers to get your payment details now, would you? It`s up to you of course, you can have a look at the free version of Alvast, AVG, and Norton.

3.      Gimpshop

Gimpshop is often mentioned as the best free alternative to Photoshop. There is support for layers, masking and channel coloration adjustment.
Some of the other futures include:
- Enhancing and restoration tools
- Customize your workspace
- Image retouching
- Important and export images in many supported files formats

All you need to run GimpShop is your Computer, Windows or Mac, and ZERO dollars at the checkout screen.


When we describe VirtualBox as a "virtualization" product, we refer to "full virtualization", that is, the particular kind of virtualization that allows an unmodified operating system with all of its installed software to run in a special environment, on top of your existing operating system. This environment, called a "virtual machine", is created by the virtualization software by intercepting access to certain hardware components and certain features. The physical computer is then usually called the "host", while the virtual machine is often called a "guest". Most of the guest code runs unmodified, directly on the host computer, and the guest operating system "thinks" it's running on real machine.

If you like experimenting with software but you don’t want to leave a footprint on your primary operational system, you can install VirtualBox and a virtual operation system where you can do all the testing you want. You can run Linux and latest version of Windows. You can share files between your primary operational system and your “fake” one easily. You can even access your Virtual System remotely.

5.      Open Office

Open office is a great free alternative to the popular Microsoft Office. OpenOffice can open your Microsoft Office files. You can create presentations, documents and spreadsheets all for the low price of $0! Why Open Office, better let the developers convince you

6.      Bonus: Toggl: Click here to learn more

What are some of the freeware alternative you are using? Leave your comment in the comment box below.