Skyrim Esbern Door and High Hrothgar Council Fix

Both glitches - Esbern's door not opening in the sewers under Riften and the glitch at the High Hrothgar Council meeting where you cannot stand up from the chair are caused by Esbern's voice file. 

Below I will give you a couple solutions that you can test out and see which one will best work on your system

Solution 1: 
Once you've spoken to Esbern, you can walk out the Ratway Warrens and then just go back to the door. If the door is not already open, then speak to Esbern again and he should open the door for you. This, however, does not fix his voice nor the subtitle issue. 

Solution 2:
Speak to Esbern, then quickly save and quickly load the game (F5 to save and F9 to quick load). 

Solution 3:
You can use a cheat to walk through the door. Once inside Esbern should open the door to let you out. To activate the cheat press the console key on your keyboard. By default this key is ~. Type "TCL" to activate the cheat and then walk through the door. Once inside type "TCL" again to turn the cheat off and talk to Esbern. 

Solution 4:
Watch this Video (not by me) to try out this fix

Solution 5: (recommended)
You can also download the fixed voice pack and put it in your "data" folder. To download the voice fix files - click here

If the download does not work try these Mirrors:

If you have installed the Game through steam in your default directory and you are running a 64bit Operation System, then your files should be at:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data

If you dont know where your files are, just do a system search for the keyword "Skyrim" and you should find it. 

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