How To Fix Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed on Windows 8

Just like you, I enjoyed playing Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed when I was younger. When nostalgia kicks in I enjoy replaying games from my youth like the NFS Porsche Unleashed.

This tutorial type article will help you run Porsche Unleashed on a Windows 8 or 7 running machine. (I think the first time I played this game it was on a Windows ME machine). Anyway

The fix is actually quite simple. 

The first thing you need to do is run Porsche Unleashed in Windows XP Service Pack 2 mode and it should start up smoothly.

If you don’t know how to run software in compatibility mode, here is step-by-step instructions.

Go to Desktop Mode (if you are running Windows 8), right click on your Porsche Unleashed icon and select properties from the drop down menu.

If you don’t have a Porsche Unleashed shortcut on your desktop, you’ll need to create it. To do this you’ll first need to locate your installation folder, right click on the launcher file (the .exe file), select Send To and click on Desktop (create shortcut)

Now that you’ve got to the Properties window click on the Compatibility tab and you’ll see the following options (or something similar)

Check on the “Run this program in compatibility mode for” checkbox and from the dropdown menu choose Windows XP (Service Pack 2).

Click on apply and see whether it works now for you.

If you get the Normandie Track crash, then read on. I’ve got the fix for that below

Apparently, the reason the crash happens has something to do with the sky of the game and the sky files.
There are two methods I’ve found that will get you through the Normandie track. 

The first one is to turn off your rearview mirror in the game’s settings and, if that doesn’t help, then try turning of lens flare as well. You can try putting them back on again once you’ve completed the track.

The second option is to replace the Farmland files with the Corsica’s files. 

Here is how to do this.

Navigate to your main game folder (usually C:/Program Files/Electronic Arts/Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed) and then continue to Game Data, Track and Sky. 

In the Sky folder you’ll find three files Canyon.bin, Canyon.fsh and Canyon.txt. Select all three files by holding the Shift button and left clicking on the first and last file. Now press Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to make a copy of the files. 

You should see three new files appear starting with the words “Copy of…”.

You’ll also want to backup the original files just in case something goes wrong and you need to restore the originals. To do this find and rename these three files Farmland.bin, Farmland.fsh and Farmland.txt to Farmland.bin.BAK, Farmland.fsh.BAK and Farmland.txt.BAK. (to rename a file right click on it and from the menu choose Rename)

Go back to the files starting with Copy of… and rename these files to Farmland without changing the file extensions (everything after the dot of the filename)

Here is the exact names

Copy Of Canyon.bin -> Farmland.bin
Copy Of Canyon.fsh -> Farmland.fsh
Copy Of Canyon.txt  -> Farmland.txt

Either fix you choose will work. Have fun playing it.