Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge fix for Windows 8

This is a pure classic and a great game to play when you’ve got a bit more time available on your hands. The game was released (RA2) on October 23th 2000 and was developed and designed by Westwood (later acquired by Electronic Arts) for Windows 95 / 98 / and Me (Windows Millenium) machines.

Anyways, your are here to find out whether you can play Red Alert 2 on a Windows 8 machines, and the answer is - YES, but you need to apply some fixes and patches before you’ll be able to run the game and even then there are no guarantees.

If you’ve played the game before, here is a little reminder that will make you nostalgic.

I told you it would :)

Here is a step-by-step guide.

However, before we start, if you are about to modify a file always make a backup of the original first. To be safe I recommend you simply make a copy of the whole folder. If you ever need to restore a file you've modified, you can simply look inside your backup folder.

1. You'll need to copy the game directory (usually found in C:\Program Files (x86)) to somewhere else outside the Program Files directory.

2. Download this Graphics Patch from here and put it inside your game directory.

3. Rename Yuri’s Revenge’s exe file to gamemd.exe and Red Alert 2’s exe file to game.exe and run the patch. Once the game has been successfully patched, you can delete the file. Note that you’ll need Microsoft .net Framework 3.5 or later to run the patch. If you don’t have the framework installed, you can download it from here.

4. Download DDWrapper from here and extract the zip file inside your game directory.

5. Edit aqrit.cfg in notepad and change the following settings as shown below.
NoVideoMemory = 1
forcedirectdrawemulation = 1

6. Now you can create a desktop shortcut of the game by right clicking on the executable file -> Send To -> Desktop (create shortcut)

7 Go to your desktop and right click on the newly created shortcut, and select properties. Go to the compatibility tab and turn on “Run the program in compatibility mode”, and select Windows XP Service Pack 2 from the dropdown menu below. Turn on “Reduce Colour Mode” and select 16bit from the dropdown menu after which also turn on “Run this program as administrator.

8. Go back to the Shortcut tab and in the Target box after the last closing double quotation mark press space and enter “-win” without the quotation marks. This will make the game run in windowed mode which is very important. Here is an example of the target text.
"C:\Users\Roberto\Desktop\Red Alert 2\gamemd.exe" -win

9. Play and enjoy.

Optional: You can edit the .ini file to adjust your resolution.

Note 1: If your screen goes black and/or flickers don’t click inside the game window, it will crash the game. Just wait for the main-menu to appear.

Note 2: While playing if you click outside the Windowed frame, the game will crash. You can fix this by matching the game’s resolution with your desktop resolution.

Note 3: If you try to alt tab out of the game, it will crash.

Note 3: If you can’t play online, try disabling all unnecessary adaptors and tunnels in your network settings.